About Us

Critter Comfort Pet Sitters provides specialist care for your pets such as dogs, cats and small animals through our pet sitters and dog walkers. Our pet care services can be tailored to your pets needs in order to provide the best possible care to your pet. Our full range of services include pet sitting, home sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, dog walking, puppy and elderly dog care as well as a pet taxi in our specially developed pet friendly and safe vehicles. Leave your animals care in safe hands while you are away from home.

Advantages for the Pet

Your pet remains in his or her safe, secure environment, where all the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar. The pet follows his or her customary diet and exercise routine and medical treatments. The pet is not exposed to illnesses or parasites from other animals. The pet is not traumatized by travel in a car or unfamiliar environment. The pet receives the love and personal attention it deserves while the you are away, and is a happier pet when you return. Benefits for the Pet Owner You are not inconvenienced or upset by having to transport your pet. You do not have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor (who sometimes forgets). Your home is made more secure by having a care-giver stop by on a regular basis. You can relax, knowing that while you are away your pet is in safe, caring hands.

In order to schedule visits, we’ll want to know the important routines in your pet’s day – eating, sleeping, walking, or playing. We’ll want to know about any health problems your pet may have, medication, as well as your desires in case of emergency. Let us know where favorite toys are kept, and where your pet’s favorite hiding places are. This will prevent panic by the sitter looking for your pet! Provide some written verification of up to date vaccinations for your pet (tags on collars are good). Provide identification tags on all pets, including cats.

Make Sure to Plan Ahead!
Call to make your pet sitting reservations as early as possible – especially for holiday times. We look forward to meeting with you and your pet and tailoring a program that will satisfy all of your pet care needs while you are away!

Critter Comfort Pet Sitters services clients throughout the sourthern Minnesota area including Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, Madison Lake, Lake Crystal, Mapleton, St. Clair, New Ulm, Nicollet, St. James, Madelia, Henderson, Wells, Vernon Center, Good Thunder, Le Center, Cleveland, Waseca, Janesville and beyond. We provide in-home pet sitting for dogs, cats, and a variety of other small animals in their own home. We are available 24 hours a day.

Highly Recommend!


I would recommend Critter Comfort because when my dad is gone for a week, they make sure my heat and light are right for me. If I get too cold, I won't eat! Plus, they aren't squeamish about feeding me live crickets, or stroking my back. I love that!